Welcome to my World Promotion Headquarters located in way North Texas. Most likely you'll be speaking to the person in the photo -- Shelly Kuehn -- who will try hard to understand your accent if you speak slowly. My commitment is to try not to have a Texas twang to expedite conversation!

Jewelry PRO-MOTION is the world's smallest event promoter but we're clever and determined to help you succeed. We're one and a half professionals strong with decades of experience in sales and marketing. My Significant Assistant is Lary (a much older man!) who takes messages and even orders if I'm not available.
Whenever we close up and take off for R&R, a TRAVEL ALERT is posted on the URL Home Page.

QUICKIES: Online orders are not offered because most customers need assistance figuring out what they want, need or can afford. No online credit card operation either. I require verbal authorization to charge your card, because I'll be protecting your financial data for at least two years. All such numbers are professionally shredded, and I don't want them on my computer. (International customers are offered a diabolical solution to getting their numbers to me to expedite their orders.)

The Treasure Chest Key Promotion is simple but has endless ways that you can make it your own. That's the reason you need to talk to me, and I can only talk to one customer at a time. Hence: a one-line phone with no Call Waiting. If you get a busy signal, someone else has my attention. Email me with your number and I'll return the call ASAP. When you email please get creative with the Subject Line: "Call Oregon" or "George Needs Help", etc. "Keys" as a subject line is what I do!

WHO AM I? A Graduate (GIA) Gemologist, former wholesale jeweler, PR & Marketing background with a B.A. degree in Journalism, and unpublished fiction writer. Jewelry PRO-MOTION was begun in 1987 when direct mail was an infant, assisting jewelers via a self-created line of four color direct mail postcards. We sold about a million before the catalog was dropped in 1995 and we zoomed onto the World Wide Web. The promotions developed prior to that, and now we've sold at least a million keys.

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