Thank You for Letting Us Help YOU promote for 25 Years!
But All Good Things Eventually End.
For 2013 I'm Jumping Off the Fiscal Cliff into Retirement!

To all you loyal customers who have bought several million "mystery locks & keys" during the last two decades, you have made this the fun part of self-employment. Thank you for your trust in me and for the many referrals!

Call Me "DONE". I'm quitting while still upright. Because of the personal relationships that have grown out of this business and my own ethics, I can't continue promoting something that has so many weak links in the supply chain. The stress isn't worth ruining my good health. For the few of you with pending 2012 "back orders", I will continue trying to get that merchandise delivered, but no new orders will be accepted.

If you've just discovered this site, I wish you'd stopped by sooner. Everyone - check back in a few months & maybe I'll have a new identity. Or can help you find another stunning way to promote yourself or raise funds for good causes. Jewelry PRO-MOTION has been a personal, one-on-one business since 1987, and I might find retirement too difficult. Maybe.

When a door closes, a window opens, and I'm excited to see what 2013 will bring. Have yourself a wondrous New Year ahead! And many thanks for the memories -

Shelly Kuehn,
Graduate Gemologist & Head Promoter


The World Promotion Headquarters is Now Officially Closed!



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